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Muscle mass Mary An especially and you can visibly muscular homosexual guy.

Muscle mass Mary An especially and you can visibly muscular homosexual guy.

Mx A gender neutral replacement for Mr/Mrs/Miss.

Non-digital You aren’t a gender identity that isn’t entirely person. Discover along with: Gender queer and enby.

Otter A man who is specifically furry, but is faster in frame and you can weighs in at even less than a sustain.

Trip or perhaps to out When someone’s sexual direction otherwise sex name is actually revealed versus the agree.

Pansexual Somebody who isn’t restricted inside the intimate possibilities which have mention of the physical sex, sex, or intercourse label. Often called ‘minds maybe not bits’.

Passing (gender) A beneficial transgender individual’s capacity to qualify at a glance to-be possibly a good cisgender boy otherwise an excellent cisgender girl.

Passing (sexuality) aka Upright passing A homosexual or bisexual person who is considered by the specific immediately getting heterosexual.

PEP or Blog post-Exposure Prophylaxis A method to blocking HIV infection that requires good quick course of brand new medications accustomed lose HIV, taken very soon shortly after a man may have been exposed to herpes.

PoC Phrase for people out of the colour.

Poof otherwise Poofter An offensive term for a homosexual boy, even though some in the community provides found so you can reclaim it.

Polari Slang, especially utilized by gay boys within the The united kingdomt when homosexuality try unlawful. A variety of Italian, Romani, London slang, backslang, rhyming jargon, sailor slang, and thieves’ cant along with put from time to time by the actors, showmen, elite group wrestlers, seller navy mariners, criminals and you may prostitutes.

Polyamorous Somebody who has open sexual otherwise personal matchmaking which have several person simultaneously.

Post-op A phrase for a great transgender person who has already established intercourse confirmation functions.

Power Base Strength bottom has numerous definitions. And a bottom who will “fuel due to” and have sex for some time. It may also refer to a bum who serves for the good much more “active”, requiring or ruling role between the sheets.

Poz Jargon to have ‘positive’ definition somebody who has HIV.

Pre-op A phrase to refer so you can a great transgender individual that have maybe not had gender confirmation businesses.

Creating otherwise Pre-Publicity Prophylaxis An approach to stopping HIV issues which people who don’t have HIV however, who will be in the reasonable risk of hiring it, if you take a pill each and every day.

Satisfaction otherwise Gay Pride An optimistic position up against discrimination and you will physical violence toward Lgbt people to provide the care about-acceptance, self-respect and you can equivalence legal rights. Pride events, marches and you can parades take place in the seasons and you can worldwide so you can commemorate that it position.

Right This new societal benefits an individual has on account of certain public characteristics. These include white advantage and you may upright privilege. See and: intersectionality.

Pronouns A keyword which takes the place off a reputation whenever writing about individuals. These may feel gendered, such as for instance they, or sex-simple particularly it or ze.

QTIPOC An acronym to possess Queer and you may trans individuals of the color.

Queen A normally pejorative slur to have a homosexual son, especially you to deemed are women. This has been reclaimed because of the certain in the neighborhood.

Quasiplatonic aka queerplatonic An effective queerplatonic (or quasiplatonic) matchmaking are a love that is not close otherwise sexual however, provides a number of union considered like a great romantic relationship and you may stronger than relationship.

Queer To start with an excellent derogatory slur towards gay men. It has got because come reclaimed by many people in the newest Lgbt neighborhood due to the fact a self-affirming care about-descriptive umbrella identity.

Wondering A process off mining by the people that is generally unsure, nevertheless exploring, and worried about implementing a tag on their sexuality or gender title.

Same-Gender Interest otherwise SSA A phrase essentially employed by practitioners and you can advocates out-of conversion treatment, just who trust homosexuality try a sign of a health problem. Constantly unpleasant. Discover pathologization

Intercourse transform An obsolete, always offending, name to own intercourse confirmation procedures.

Scissoring Vaginal-to-genital get in touch with from inside the lesbian gender, which can be done in various ranking.

Scruff A gay application guys – having speak, matchmaking, and you may social network.

Area 28 Clause twenty eight of your State Work 1988 told you you to definitely universities shouldn’t “intentionally bring homosexuality or upload situation to your aim of generating homosexuality” otherwise “render this new exercises in every was able college or university of your own acceptability out-of homosexuality due to the fact a good pretended loved ones relationships”. Repealed inside Scotland when you look at the 2000 and also in England and you may Wales into the 2003.

Intimate Offences Operate (1967) The new Work off Parliament one decriminalised homosexual acts independently ranging from a few boys over the age of 21.

Intimate Offences (Amendment) Act (2000) The brand new Work off Parliament you to equalised age agree having homosexual gender at 16.

Sexual Offences Work (2003) New Act regarding Parliament one entirely decriminalised group homosexual intercourse.

Intimate direction One’s sexual identity when considering the new gender to which they are lured – well-known on the dated “intimate liking”, and that generally seems to suggest conscious selection.

Serodiscordant aka magnetized aka combined-few A good serodiscordant matchmaking is just one where you to spouse is contaminated of the HIV plus the other is not